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September 21st, 2015

Naturally, every project that comes through the doors here at the Jigsaw office is different, but how different? How can we make sure they have their own identity? How do we ensure the balance is right between a warehouse conversion in London and a traditional family home on the South coast? Well, this article aims to try and explain…

When it comes to show homes, there are many questions that we, as the designers, ask ourselves before we even consider a scheme. Firstly, we begin by researching the location of the project, surrounding areas and the target market, only then can we delve into trend forecasting and creating new and exciting schemes to fit the project perfectly. We recognise the importance of reinforcing an individual developer’s style and brand, which ultimately is reflected in the final design of a show home.

Inspiration can come from many places; a new collection from a supplier, a flick through a magazine, an image found online or sometimes it’s just all down to a vivid imagination! The creative team here at Jigsaw enjoy keeping on top of new trends and quite often bounce ideas off one another, resulting in unique and perfectly designed schemes for each project.

3 example projects which differ vastly in terms of location, target market and overall style are:

Regency Mews – an eccentric, eclectic and fun 2-bedroom canal side conversion in Camden, London. Designed to appeal to a younger audience, Regency Mews is luxurious with an industrial twist. The apartment is filled with rich colours and plenty of textures, like fur and tan leather, creating a slightly moody atmosphere which is uplifted by the striking choice of light fittings from Flos and Tom Dixon.




Argyll Place – this 4-bedroom, 5 storey townhouse in Kensington fully embraces modern family living. Appealing to the fast-paced lives of design-savvy families in Central London, Argyll Place seamlessly flows from floor-to-floor with commissioned artwork and iconic furniture installed to truly reflect the style of the target market.

Argyll Place Show Home

Argyll Place Show Home 02

Argyll Place Show Home 03

Quarterdeck –although considered an apartment for those wishing to down-size, Quarterdeck is a 3-bedroom property which boasts a luxurious, modern interior as well as exterior. Chrome, glass and fresh colours are used to bounce the abundance of light around. Sitting on the South coast, the slightly nautical colour scheme compliments the location of the property perfectly.

Quarterdeck Show Home 01

Quarterdeck Show Home 02

Quarterdeck Show Home 03

As you can see, the interior of these 3 properties are all unique in their own way. Each encourages a particular lifestyle to be envisaged which is suited to the individual local market. Helping people visualise these lifestyles usually results in the show home being the first to sell. Ultimately if this element is portrayed successfully, we’ve cracked it!

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