Brief, Initial Design & Budgets by Jigsaw interior Architecture


STAGE 1: Brief, Initial Design & Budgets

Briefing & Budgets

The briefing stage follows on from a client purchasing a site or obtaining planning permission. At this stage we get our first look at the plans and talk about potential improvements to the layouts. We get an idea of the budgets the client has allowed for each area, however in some cases we assist our clients with advice on this.

Building Regulations | Jigsaw interior Architecture

Planning Conditions & Code

Planning conditions, code for sustainability & lifetime homes; most developments have some level of code attached to the planning conditions which we have to abide by in addition to building regulations. These may have an effect of a number of factors including layouts & circulation space, square footage of rooms, sanitary ware specification right down to the number and sizes of bins required in the kitchens. In London, we also have the Local borough’s design guides which overlap of much of the code which must be adhered to.

Intro to other Design Team professionals

At this stage we learn who else is on the design team:

  • Architect
  • M & E Engineer
  • Structural engineer
  • Building control consultant
  • Contractor – if not going to tender.
  • Selling Agents

The Interior Architectural Designer’s role is to work within this team as 
the decisions we make are pivotal 
to the design and integration of 
other elements.

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