Lighting & Small Power by Jigsaw interior Architecture


STAGE 5: Lighting & Small Power

At Jigsaw, we understand there’s more to lighting than first meets the eye. We believe a well thought out, well-integrated lighting design enhances an interior scheme both aesthetically & physically to provide a functional, user friendly space.

We also take note in the basics of lighting:

  • Reflection and contrast are essential to vision.
  • Uniformity of light on ceilings and walls while using dedicated focused optics to enhance key features.
  • Our Ethos is that the scheme should ‘sing’ just as much at night as they do during the day.

Lighting & Small Power by Jigsaw interior Architecture

We believe the control of artificial light is just as important to enhance the user experience; lighting control allows configuration to suit requirements, while using the combined methods of LED technology and movement sensors, we can minimise electrical costs, provide seamless light scenes and the sense of forethought to the spaces we are challenged with.

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