Layout Optimisation

November 11th, 2016

by Melissa Horne, Managing Director

Here at Jigsaw, our skills are being harnessed earlier and earlier in the residential development process. Even before the submission of planning applications, we are reviewing the internal layouts and looking at the subdivision of units. Liaising with the fire strategist and building control officer, we make sure they fully comply to modern requirements.

As Director at Jigsaw, I have experienced every part of the design process, and I believe the layouts are the most effective way to add value. ‘If you give us enough time, good design doesn’t have to cost any extra’. Whether it is an additional en-suite, utility, dressing room, or simply making sure the kitchen is proportionate with the plot size, here are some keys point we focus on.

Layout Optimisation by Jigsaw interior Architecture, Poole & London

Layout Optimisation by Jigsaw interior Architecture, Poole & London

1. Large 1-bed versus small 2-bed

Optimising the yield on the square footage of a property is something we always keep an eye on. We take on-board the estate agents’ comments to make sure we deliver a saleable product and respond to the demands of the local market.

Layout Optimisation by Jigsaw interior Architecture, Poole & London

2. Meet the design team

We don’t work alone whilst optimising layouts. To ensure the plans are buildable we don’t leave anything to chance:

  • Our first stop is always the estate agents to understand the local market.
  • Second is the fire strategist and building control officer to ensure we work within the requirements of the site.
  • Third is the mechanical and electrical engineers to check we can accommodate all of their equipment.
  • Finally, the structural engineers may make some amendments but we make sure it doesn’t compromise our design.

Layout Optimisation by Jigsaw interior Architecture, Poole & London

3. Consider all areas of the home

I have listed some of my favourite, but not so obvious, areas to consider when optimising layouts that I like to stand by:

  • Hallways and lobbies – This is an area frequently overlooked but we prioritise this space by pushing the minimum required dimensions and focusing on the buyers first impressions.
  • Storage – Is so important… Not only for your household items but for all of the electrical and heating equipment. Working with the trend of open-plan living, having an additional utilitarian room to conceal the working parts of the house is essential. It also about finding storage in unusual places within the home e.g. a high level cupboard behind the WC or within the eaves of the roof.
  • Bedrooms – A good size bedroom has gone on the backburner for the last few years but it is something buyers are demanding and we are prioritising this for our developers.

If you have some initial layouts for a project, why not let us take a look. We can start with a sketch scheme and you can see how we could add value.

For more information, please contact the team.

Melissa Horne, Managing Director

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