Stage 2: Developed design phase

October 27th, 2015

Torreyana Pines, Lymington (Client: Pennyfarthing Homes)

Once the inspiration for our show home has been gathered, the detailed design process begins. Having gained inspiration from magazine-style room shots, key words, artwork, a colour palette or a fabric collection, the next stage is to develop these elements further. Sometimes it’s the feel of the room we want to recreate; the inspiration images are deconstructed to establish is it the colour or style of the furniture we like or is it the way the room has been dressed or the fabric in the cushions? Sometimes it’s a particular piece of furniture we want to source or a collection of accessories we want to replicate.

Stage 2: Developed Design Phase, Jigsaw Interior Architecture

These images of inspiration are the seed, the developed design is then the roots, they shoot off in different directions, follow different paths and wind round obstacles along the way creating a structure to support the finished show home; the flower.

As the design is developed, the inspirational images take a back seat the design is allowed to create its own identity. A single image of an individual piece of furniture can drive the direction of an entire scheme. As an example, our upcoming Torreyana Pines design for Pennyfarthing Homes was inspired by a light oak and white TV unit and this Nordic style has now been introduced throughout the whole scheme. Next the colour palette is finalised, this allows fabrics to be selected that reflect the inspirational colours but also suit the needs of the individual show home, whether it’s a wide width fabric needed for a curtain, a rich velvet for a cushion or in the case of Torreyana Pines, some great monochrome patterns have been used to make the bright green highlights pop. An in-depth knowledge of colours, trends, fabrics and suppliers is essential to developing the end design.

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