Stage 3: Visualisation phase

October 27th, 2015

St. James House, East Grinstead, East Sussex (Client: The Edgewater Group)

Helping people visualise themselves living in a space is key to enticing potential purchasers to view an apartment. For this reason, Computer Generated Images (CGI’s) are used before the property is fully developed to spark imagination and create a true representation of a property – it’s all about the visualisation phase and 3d visuals help portray what the property will look like.

When trying to create the perfect CGI, communication with the artist is key; it is important the designer and artist work together in the primary design stages taking the original inspiration and developed design to create the base visual, then adding furniture and finishes to specific areas of the floor plan.

To help explain the key areas to consider, we’ve included examples of a project we’re currently working on in East Grinstead called St. James House. By adding the following 3 elements into the design, it enables prospective purchasers to see the quality of the design and will not be misled:

Space – choosing the right room to showcase is integral to marketing a property. St. James House comprises of 41 apartments, each with their own features and different sizes so choosing the right apartment is key. Using the largest flat filled with bespoke features no other apartments possess, may lead to disappointed purchasers when they realise their new home is far from what has been advertised. Likewise, you also don’t want to choose the smallest space as this could deter potential purchasers.

Stage 3: Visualisation Phase, Jigsaw Interior Architecture

Lighting – it’s important to think about the light within the apartments, both natural and artificial. Issuing your lighting and electrical drawings to the artist should be considered as this ensures every part of the design is represented accurately. In our example, St. James House is a refurbishment office block so we’re lucky that natural light is in abundance; windows surround all apartments within this block bringing light in to all corners.

Stage 3: Visualisation Phase, Jigsaw Interior Architecture

An additional appeal can be showing the exterior views from the apartments unless however your view is an industrial estate, then maybe keep the views of the interior only!

Finishes – the fixtures, fittings and finishes can really bring the final design together. We provide schedules, images and detailed plans of all finishes and furniture we have specified throughout the property.

The example below shows the bathroom sanitary ware and tiling finishes at St. James House. We’ve kept the design modern and simple using white gloss walls with a dark grey feature wall and a contrasting grey floor. This design draws the eyes naturally up towards the feature wall, creating an impact and hence, it is important this comes across in the CGI.

Stage 3: Visualisation Phase, Jigsaw Interior Architecture

Incorporating the kitchen finishes really shows every element that has been thought about to the smallest detail, including appliances, carcasses, handles and worktops used in the design.

Finally, the soft furnishings, furniture and accessories are added to really bring colour and comfort to the design, however, it’s important not just the colour is being portrayed, but the textures of the finishes are expressed as well. These extra details really do make the difference to a visual as they bring the CGI to life.

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