Venice, a weekend away

June 23rd, 2016


Jigsaw Interior Architecture team were very lucky to have Agency Concept take them on a trip to see the latest products from a range of manufacturers based in and around Venice.



Jigsaw have been specifying Dall’Agnese since meeting Agency Concept in May Design Series 2015. Dall’agnese specialise not only in beautifully designed storage solutions, but also complimenting  soft furnishings for the living and bedroom areas.

There was a great benefit in seeing their collection in the showroom as well as having a factory tour to witness first hand how raw materials were constructed into these stunning products. A designer’s decision to put forward a product is not only down to aesthetics, but also largely based on the integrity, quality of materials and durability of a product to ensure it’s overall quality to our clients.

It is in this area that Dall’agnese specialise in.  They achieve the highest standard in all finishes whether; matt lacquered, glossy lacquered, veneered or laminated.For example, each glossy lacquered panel; the panel is sprayed with matt paint, back and forth seven times, it is then oven baked for 2 days before cooled.

After it will go through another process that “buffs” up the lacquer to reach a final appearance of a glossy finish, this process ensures the durability of the gloss finish. Some suppliers may only use between 3 – 5 layers of lacquer and also apply a glossy lacquer initially, which in time will fade.



Birex, a company whose found abundant success within Europe for their unique furniture design focused in improving the functionality of the utilitarian spaces within the household. Birex’s products are not readily adopted in the UK currently due to lack of exposure, so it was a real insight to see the usefulness of these products and how they could easily be integrated into the British market.


Birex, set up by an architect and mother, she wanted to design products that make the humbler and practical spaces of the home feel like a pleasurable environment. She found design-led solutions areas of the house that were focused in the chores of the household, such as: washing, ironing, cleaning and tidying.



Mab, another Italian furniture manufacture who specialise in wardrobe and fitted design. They provide a more cost effective solution to others in their market and yet still maintain a strong design led ethos. They have a very sophisticated colour palette for a more classic look and yet cater to the other side of the market with bright colours and textures for children’s bedrooms, or the more adventurous adults! Mab also have clever storage solutions such as ottoman and collapsible bunk beds.


Armony Kitchens

Before hoping on the flight back we had time to look at a kitchen company that has been introduced to us through The Big Kitchen Company; Armony Cucine.

With over 1000’s colours and texture combinations, Armony is one of the most versatile modern Italian kitchen manufactures on the market in Europe with a showroom that pushed the boundaries of creative kitchen layouts.


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