19 | 01 | 2017

3D Visualisation by Jigsaw

With the demand for 3D visualisation and animation of properties growing within recent years, we understand that responding to the needs of a developing market is essential to continued success within the interior design industry. As technology progresses and property prices increase, it has become common practice for high-quality visuals to be used to aid sales and act as strong marketing tools. Providing developers and clients with photo-realistic internal visuals is hugely advantageous, enabling the marketing process to begin during the very early stages of a redevelopment or build. By bringing 2D plans to life, both clients and purchasers are able to visualise a space and imagine themselves within it.

The process behind designing a scheme for a computer-generated image can be closely compared to that of a show home. There are several factors that require careful consideration by the design team:

  • Layout – a successful layout is essential to showcasing the space both aesthetically and functionally.
  • Wall and floor finishes – from paint colours to tiles and wallpaper, these aspects need to be well suited to enhance a design.
  • Window treatments – curtains and blinds are vital to adding warmth, texture and luxury to an interior scheme.
  • Furniture – enhancing a great layout and demonstrating how the space might be used help to showcase the space in the best possible way.
  • Accessories and artwork – bringing a space to life and giving a design scheme individuality and personality.

The team here at Jigsaw oversee the whole CGI process; from issuing initial ideas and inspiration to the CGI artist, to final tweaks and amendments, we ensure a perfect visual is achieved for our clients. Here are a few examples of CGI images and 3D animations Jigsaw have produced over the last six months:

If you would like to talk to Jigsaw about commissioning a CGI, please contact the team, who will be glad to help.