It is a common held misconception that interior design is a process dealt with later on in the design process. We start right at the beginning, in fact we see the drawings before anyone else on the design team. Our knowledge of construction and the mechanics of buildings help us plan and optimise the layouts before they go out to the rest of the project team.

Our design work stages are:

Brief, Initial Design & Budget

Initial meeting with the client to receive the brief and discuss the budgets for the project. This meeting spurs multiple ideas which are honed down at the concept design stage.

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Initial Layouts

Optimising the potential square footage value of a property is at the forefront of the Jigsaw ethos. As Interior Architectural Designers we design from the inside out, looking at finer details as well as the bigger picture.

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Concept Design

This stage gives a clearer vision of the interior design concept looking at materials and interior architectural features. This creates a reference point along the design journey for both designer and client.

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Kitchen & Bathroom Schemes

Once the project concept has been defined, the bathrooms and kitchens can be approached with a clear understanding of the level of finishes, finer detailing and brands.

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Lighting & Small Power

Once the kitchens and bathrooms are agreed, we embark on sympathetically designing the lighting around individual features and task areas. Indicative furniture on the plan is vital at this stage so consideration can be given to the end users positive functionality of the space.

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Finalise Design & Finishes

Full material boards and schedules are issued at this final point with supplier quotations and suggested installers. We have great links with the industry and are contacted daily by companies showing us new innovative materials and attend trade shows during the year to ensure we are always a step ahead.

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Full specification and drawing packages are released to the main client and contractor.

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Melissa Horne, Jigsaw Interior Architecture

Melissa Horne

Managing/Creative Director (London & Poole)

Nathalie Serdons

Associate Director London

Lucille Taylor-Lepercq

Senior Interior Architectural Designer/Design Department Manager

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