25 | 01 | 2023

Interior Architectural Designer Profile – Charlotte

After graduating at Bournemouth Arts University with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture and Design, Charlotte joined the team as Junior Interior Architectural Designer. She takes inspiration and love of design from her great grandfather, a Bauhaus Architect.

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Who inspired you to do interior architectural design?


I would certainly say my great grandfather Sergius Ruegenberg. Traveling to Berlin to visit family from a very young age I would always show such fascination with his architecture and furniture designs. Learning about his first sketches of the Barcelona chair when working with Mies van der Rohe and seeing his prototype in the flesh, I never really realised the importance of his work to the Bauhaus movement until I began to study at university.



The Barcelona Pavillion features the renowned Barcelona chair designed by Mies van der Rohe, iconic in modern design.



How would you describe your design style?


I would describe my design style as timeless, understated elegance. I feel it’s all about the finer details to a space which tells you a design has really been thought about. The smaller lighting details which elevate a space from day to night, or the trims and finishes that just give that high end finish. I believe that quality never dates or ages.



Interior designer Pierre Paulin’s Paris apartment featuring the timeless Alpha sofa designed in 1960, influential of modern day furniture design.



What decor elements do you find key in elevating a space?


I would certainly say lighting, I don’t think we realise just how much light affects us. From a lack of sunlight and natural light impacting our mood, to mood lighting itself on those warm cosy nights on a winters evening making us feel thankful to be indoors.


Where do you find your inspiration in design?


I feel like my inspiration varies. One part of my inspiration is the client, and their personality if it is a personal space such as a home, or their brand if it is a commercial project. I feel that to be a good designer you must be able to read people and understand their wants and needs for the space and that is always my building block and inspiration for the initial design.


Building a sample board in our interior architecture studio for a client presentation.



What do you consider to be a common design mistake or overrate design trend?


I would say a common design mistake is trying to follow too much of a current trend. Of course we want to be in keeping with current trends, but investing too much in a particular one can lead to the space looking outdated much more quickly, which isn’t a great investment. We want a happy medium!


Who is your favourite artist?


Vincent van Gogh. I love the way he uses colour in his paintings and the movement he creates with his brushwork.



Outside of JIGSAW – what make your feel happiest?


Socialising with friends, whether that’s a glass of wine on a Friday night or a swim at the beach on a Sunday morning I feel so lucky to have friends I have grown up with over the years from as young as 10.


What do you value most in your team?


Friendship. Because we’re a smaller and more closely knit team, we’re able to build that working relationship together and help each other out wherever needed to achieve our goals. Being able to reach out to other team members to help get things done, or help to come up with new solutions, means that we never have to overcome difficulties on our own.


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