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Interior Architectural Designer Profile – Nick

After graduating from Arts University Bournemouth with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture and Design, Nick runs his own furniture design business while working as Jigsaw’s Interior Architectural Designer. He believes that great design focuses on quality materials and interesting details reflected in his design specifications.

Image of Nick sat in the Interior Design meeting room.

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What inspired you to do Interior Architecture?


I have always been passionate about functional and beautiful spaces. From misse en plasse in the kitchen to organisation and storage in the bedroom, I feel that it is so important to think about how a space will work for its occupants in addition to its aesthetics.


Do you follow any Interior Designers on social media that you recommend?


Yes! I love using Instagram for inspiration so I follow lots of Designers, Architects, Artists etc. I particularly love the work of Studio Mcgee and Leyla Kamalova; they produce some gorgeous interiors. In Search of Lights showcase the work of many Interior Designers with a lighting focus.



Neutral dining area with 6 white chairs around a white table with an overhanging statement white pendant. Behind is an open marble shelving embedded in the walls. Image contains the same image from two different angles.

Designed by Leyla Kamalova, available to view more on her Instagram page.



What’s your favourite room or home of all time, and why?


I have many spaces which I love, some of which I’ve visited and others which I’ve seen online, like The British Museum. I am a huge fan of the work that Norman Foster & Partners did with the interior courtyard.



The Great Court, British Museum

The Great Court, The British Museum.



It’s such a clever play with space and light; you enter through the dark lobby with low ceilings and then step into the vast space with light pouring through the ceiling. I also like the marriage of old and new here. It’s often jarring but they have done a grand job of making it work.


Another space which I love is a private residence: the home of Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill, also known as La Fabrica.



La Fabrica, home to the Taller de Arquitectura (RBTA) and Bofill family.



The home is a renovated concrete factory which makes for a truly amazing space. What I like about this space in particular is the unusual scale and interesting surfaces and shapes left from the building’s industrial past.


Where do you find your inspiration in design?


Social media is a fantastic place to find inspiration for interiors and other areas of design. I follow Interior Designers, Furniture Makers, Architects, Design enthusiasts, and everything in between across a few platforms, which gives me a wide range of ideas and keeps me up to date with the latest trends and technologies.


What are your favourite colours to use in design?


Although my blue-heavy wardrobe would suggest otherwise, I don’t have a favourite colour or palette. I feel that each space is unique and calls for a unique colour palette. I do, however, love neutrals like sand, off white and taupe when they fit a scheme.


What is your motto?


Less is more. I love the work of Van Der Rohe and I think he was spot on with his design philosophy. Truly brilliant interiors are all about balance and this is often achieved with ‘white space’. Paying attention to details and making the correct selections is far more important than using up every available inch.


Do you have a historical design movement that you identify with?


I absolutely love brutalism. There are so many huge, concrete brutalist buildings standing which to many are unappealing but I have always loved the expressive forms, play with texture and understated simplicity of it.


Who is your favourite artist?


That’s a tricky question. I have lots of artists whose work I love so I’ll share a couple who I’m currently following. One is called Tabitha Millett. She created beautiful pieces which are almost architectural in their style, using mostly black acrylic and simple shapes. The pictures have great depth to them through the clever use of brush strokes.



Two pieces of Black and white minimalist artwork propped amongst brutalism interior design

Designed by Tabitha Millett, Available to view more on her Instagram page.



Another favourite is another British artist called Alison Johnson. Her work is a beautiful balance of landscape and abstract with some stunning colours and forms.



Do you have a favourite architect?


I’d have to say no to this question. Much like choosing a favourite film, band or TV show, there are far too many to choose from.


Do you have any other interests outside of Interior Design?


Yes. I love woodworking and am currently working on replacing all of the furniture in my home with items I’ve built. I also like to cycle and run, both of which help to clear my mind and feel great.


What do you most value in your team?


I value collaboration and the opinion of others. At Jigsaw, I relish in being able to bounce ideas off of others and work in a creative way.


What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?


That’s a tricky one as my job has many aspects to it but I’d say it’s one of two things; the initial concept stage of design where we hone in on what the client and the space requires and the final stage where we get to see the project come to life.


What questions would you ask a client before working on an interior design project?


I would always start by getting a clear idea of two things: the space we’ll be working with and the vision of the client. There are many other important things which need covering such as timeframes and budgets but the client’s vision and the space we’re working with are the most important in creating a scheme which works and meets the client’s needs.



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