18 | 03 | 2023

Wellbeing at Jigsaw – Sonja Lockyer

It really comes as no surprise that promoting wellbeing in the workplace can help prevent stress, and create positive working environments where individuals and organisations can thrive. Good health and wellbeing can be a core enabler of employee engagement and performance.


Sonja Lockyer is Jigsaw’s chosen wellness practitioner who has been hosting our quarterly retreat days for us since 2020. Sonja has over 20 years industry experience and is very passionate about yoga and wellness; her services vary from teaching many different styles of Yoga such as Hatha, Qoya, Vinyasa, as well as teaching breathwork and meditation.


Sonja offers 3 slots a month for massages where she uses her own blend of essential oils to energize and re-balance you. She focuses a lot on how each season will effect our body and wellbeing differently, and how we can take care of ourselves through these changes.


Sonja has created her own online community of likeminded individuals through her website. Employees have membership access and can log in and join a breathwork or yoga session online before starting the day at work.


Choosing to prioritise your wellness before you start your day can really set the tone for the rest of your week and help give you clarity and focus ready to take on any tasks or challenges ahead.


Our most recent retreat day took place at a beautiful quiet retreat within the New Forest. Upon arrival we were greeted with herbal tea’s and started the day off with a gentle yoga flow, followed by a delicious vegan lunch and then onto a mindfulness meditation.


Sonja bought along tarot cards and at the end of our day we were asked to pick a card that we were drawn too, read it out to each other and see how it resonates with us. These small little touches make the day feel special and nourishing for the soul.


The retreat days are so important for us at Jigsaw as we truly value wellness in the workplace, this gives employees a chance to bond outside of work, relax and return to the office with a fresh mindset. As well as having so many other benefits such as improved circulation, muscle strength, mental clarity and much more.



“Introducing a wellbeing program to a corporate environment is a complicated procedure because it requires a balance of agendas – the push for productivity and creativity which can sometimes feel in conflict with space for rest and self care.  Leading a team with respect for their health and authentic care for their wellbeing is a rare quality which  Melissa has in spades.


Jigsaw and I have worked together through the lockdowns and beyond, providing massage, yoga and retreat days for the entire staff.  What I have seen is a team of talented creatives who have flourished despite the extraordinary pressures of working life, in the knowledge that they are important to the business in more ways than simply their profitability.


It’s a privilege to be a part of the Jigsaw family, something that has opened my eyes to what is possible within a corporate framework when good people support good people.” – Sonja


Connect to the calm within today by booking a massage, class or event to begin your journey to prosperity, or contact Sonja to learn more.


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