08 | 11 | 2022

Top 6 Hotels Recommended to Stay in 2023

Whether travelling near or far, we always appreciate a fantastic architecturally designed hotel, and take inspiration from interiors we see along the way.

Dexamenes outdoor seating with a sea view

Dexamenes resort.



Dexamenes, Greece

– Rene, Interior Designer


Located in Peloponnese, Greece, Dexamenes offers 34 private rooms with the same experience: sleeping inside old wine tanks but beautifully designed by Greek Architectural firm K-Studio.


This hotel shares a raw architectural palette of concrete, steel, glass and timber, and is softened with a neutral interior palette and sustainable furniture, in terrazzo flooring.


It’s brutalistic, yet comforting.


More about Dexamenes | Rene’s Designer Profile




Marina by the sands hotel room

Marina Bay Sands presidential suite.



Marina Bay Sands, Signapore

– Nathalie, Associate Director & Creative Head


This hotel has an awe-inspiring swimming pool on the top.


The high ceiling in the lobby is enormous; the service is excellent however did feel a bit lost. But the pool makes it all good again.


More about Marina Bay Sands




Kirkenes Snowhotel in Norway. Cabin in the snow amongst a forst with colour Northern lights in the nightsky

Gamme northen lights cabins.



Snowhotel Kirkenes, Norway

– Pia, Senior Interior Architectural Designer


When traveling I like to immerse myself in the culture of the destination. For me, a hotel can be one of two things: being soley a place to sleep and rest in between adventures, or being a part of the experience of the destination.


I chose this hotel as being a part of the experience of Northern Norway, this is a perfect way to get a memorable stay in a winter wonderland by sleeping in a hotel made out of actual snow and ice.


The hotel also offers great local food, warm 24hr open lounges, and a sauna for that perfect northern Scandinavian experience.


You can choose from optional local adventures such as king crab fishing or a husky safari and if the weather conditions allow it, there might be a chance to capture a glimpse of the northern light.


More about Snowhotel Kirkene | Pia’s Designer Profile




Minimalist interior of kitchen and dining area in lodge at The Clifftops

Open space kitchen and dining area in clifftop villa.



The Clifftops, Dorset

– Ivana, Mid-Weight Interior Architectural Designer


5 stunning lodges built on Dorset’s clifftops with local Portland stone. Blending with the coastline, The Clifftops present genius spatial planning and architecture by Morrow and Lorraine, integrated within the natural landscape.


The interior also presents a palette of beautifully refined finishes, and clever bespoke solutions that wrap around and form cosy nooks.


What a dream escape with breath taking views of the English Channel. I would like to have a glass of wine on that roof terrace!


More about The Clifftops | Ivana’s Designer Profile




Balcony with swimming pool at Art Maisons

And relax…



Art Maisons, Greece

– Frankie, Finance & Business Coordinator


The hotel is on the volcanic island of Santorini, with the traditional village of Oia. I went for my 10th year wedding anniversary, and I think it is arguably the most romantic destination on the planet.


The hotel is build within an old fortress and is called the Castle of Oia. People come to this point of the island for the breathtaking sunset views, and the hotel cave rooms are perfectly situated for your own private view.


The rooms have a sculpted wall, marble flooring, and a private heated pool built into the caves. We booked a couple massages for added relaxation, and their sister hotel offered a different view of the island with outdoor pools, so stunning.


More about Art Maisons




Leon's Place dining area

Sociable dining area for guests.



Leon’s Place, Italy

– Alyssia, Digital Marketer & Office Assistant


This boutique fuses classical and modern architecture, following a restoration project of the ancient Palazzo Fabi Altini.


The strategically fitted lighting, botanical detailing and must pastel introduces a feeling of enchantment.


In the heart of Rome, this hotel embodies intimacy, peace, and curiosity, mirrors it exterior surroundings.


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