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Interior Architectural Designer Profile – Charlotte

After graduating at Bournemouth Arts University with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture and Design, Charlotte joined the team as Junior Interior Architectural Designer. She takes inspiration and love of design from her great grandfather, a Bauhaus Architect. Read More

Interior Designer Profile – Miriam

Miriam studied Interior Design at Bournemouth Arts University before joining the Jigsaw team. With a background in luxury residential property, she brings an eye for detail in her designs and believes every space from the ground up should be functional and beautiful. Read More

Interior Designer Profile – Emily

Emily is passionate about designing spaces for people to live, work, socialise and relax in. She believes that the spaces we occupy have a huge impact on mental health, so therefore likes to use elements of nature, colour theory and psychology to create feel good spaces. Read More

Interior Architectural Designer Profile – Nick

After graduating from Arts University Bournemouth with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture and Design, Nick runs his own furniture design business while working as Jigsaw’s Interior Architectural Designer. He believes that great design focuses on quality materials and interesting details reflected in his design specifications. Read More

Interior Designer Profile – Rene

Since completing a BA in Interior Design in the UK, Rene is now based in London. She has experience in residential design and has a passion for timeless, cohesive interiors. Rene believes that understanding the needs and vision of clients is key to successful design. Read More

Wellbeing at Jigsaw – Sonja Lockyer

It really comes as no surprise that promoting wellbeing in the workplace can help prevent stress, and create positive working environments where individuals and organisations can thrive. Good health and wellbeing can be a core enabler of employee engagement and performance. Read More

Interior Architectural Designer Profile – Ivana

Learn more about Jigsaw’s interior architecture designer Ivana, who reveals the best, worst and most overused trends in both interior design and architecture. Ivana also opens up about her greatest design achievements to date, historical design inspiration and favourite architects. Read More